Board Messages

Mohamed Haridy

In today’s business activities which takes place across the borders. We in Smart Choice optimizing supply chain to meet individual client needs.

In striding the road of success; we are very attentive on strengthening our being in the key market through colliding the top, reputable and leading partners. We are very keen to show that having Smart Choice as a partner, together we can overcome the boundaries limiting the business growth.

Baher Foda

In Smart Choice we will build a culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation to meet constantly changing consumer needs.

We will proactively on delivering more than what is asked for and endear ourselves to, above else, to our customers. We will continue to challenge ourselves to strive for excellence.

We will be diversifying our portfolio to gain a well-positioned in Egypt and across the borders that economic growth could benefit. Smart Choice will be guided by its over-all aim to be a leading and innovative player in all business it is engaged in, continuously improving the value of its services.

Khaled Farhat

Together with the other executives who has been in the business world for a decade. We are unafraid to try new things, together here in Smart Choice we will discover and go on a journey where others dare not venture and we will deliver a promise to delight. We retain a strong-minded spirit with a lot of determination.

We will be aligning our social goals to be a force of positive change for communities throughout the nation. Empower by a legacy built on integrity, Smart Choice is accelerating the future today through delivering the brands at your footsteps that have earned the trust of the majority.


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